FinMirai and Traction Technology

FinMirai and Traction Technology to bring new Digital Transformation capabilities to Asia Pacific together

Innovation studio FinMirai and technology insiders, explorers, and connectors Traction Technology will go deeper and wider to deliver success in digital transformation in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Tokyo | New York | London | Regina

September 1, 2020: FinMirai, the innovation studio accelerating financial services through learning, venturing and capital utilization, has partnered with Traction Technology, a SaaS platform and Research Service focused on connecting enterprise customers to new technologies, to “…make innovation more predictable” according to Steve Monaghan, General Partner and Founder of FinMirai. The alliance unifies shared ambitions to create the future through innovation and performance in combination with unique solutions, valuable start-ups and pioneering technology that solve global clients’ most complex problems.

FinMirai is challenging common knowledge in financial services to drive ‘innovation as a culture’. Focused on leadership, generating value and building vibrant fintech portfolios with partners, FinMirai actively collaborates and co-creates solutions through their range of expertise and experience and track records of success. With Traction Technology, FinMirai’s partnership with NTT Data IOMC will be enriched by Traction Technology’s research depth and software platform – a technology scouting process that includes Innovation Discovery Programs (IDP) – to build “a programmatic approach to constructing innovation frameworks that guide research, unravel insights and put new technologies into action for enterprise customers” as shared by Neal Silverman, CEO of Traction Technology.

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